Why Roses are Romantic

Did you know that the rose is 35 million years old? It is only fitting therefore that such a long-lasting flower has stands the test of time as the flower that symbolizes love and romance, more so than any other flower on the planet. But there are plenty of more logical reasons as to why the rose is the one true symbol of true love.

To start, the rose is an absolutely beautiful flower, more so than any other flower in many ways. The petals are so elegantly shaped and wrap around each other creating a mystical sense of wonder. And the color of the rose itself is just as intriguing, with the typical dark red color being so deep and rich that it makes you feel loved just by looking at it.

The thorns on the rose itself also can convey a certain sense of controlled danger which can be an enticing though to a woman. Although the rose flower itself is so beautiful, it comes with the risk of being hurt by the thorns, which is present in any relationship. However, with a little care and effort, you can avoid the thorns and be left with just the visually stunning view of the rose’s beauty, which parallels the fact that with any work and effort in a relationship, you can be left with a great relationship that leaves all of the bad elements behind.

Back in the day, roses were considered very valuable, in part due to the limited supply of them growing in the wild, and this general sentiment has remained to this day. While any man can get a woman a more common flower, only a real man who truly loves his woman and who would do anything for her would get her a rose. And admittedly, while this is more to do with the fact that roses are generally more expensive than other types of flowers, the point still holds. If you as a woman get a rose from your husband, you know that he truly loves you.

This feeling of being loved is only increased when a woman is gifted with more than one rose. While getting a single rose can certainly be a romantic gesture, it honestly pales in comparison to receiving a full bouquet of roses, which is probably the most romantic gesture that any man can do for a woman, as far as flowers are concerned. So if you ever feel like giving one rose is not enough to express your love for a woman in your life, do not hesitate to up the ante and get her more than one rose. There is really no such thing as “too many roses”, especially because roses are directly associated with love, and I believe all of us can agree that our love for someone can truly be limitless, which is why the number of roses that we can get for that special someone is also limitless.

So hopefully now, if you were in doubt about the power of roses, you have seen the light. They are the gold standard of flower gifts for that special woman in your life and should always be considered if you want to be particularly romantic and show her your deep and devoted love for her.