Tips on Having an Outdoor Wedding

If you or your partner love flowers and make them a central part of your relationship in terms of gift-giving, then there is perhaps no better wedding to have than an outdoor wedding that incorporates flowers and nature in a beautiful way. If you are that nature-loving couple, then this article is for you, as we take you step-by-step into having a great outdoor wedding.

When it comes to selecting the venue, you need to make careful consideration as to how much nature you want to incorporate. For example, you can technically have an outside wedding, even though the ceremony is taking place right outside the back lawn of a hotel ballroom. If you want to merge nature with architecture, then doing something like this is actually a great option to be honest. But if you are looking for more of a true “nature” wedding, then you will need to find somewhere that is much farther away from any buildings or other man-made structures.

A common venue for true nature lovers is somewhere out in the fields, which will typically give you a beautiful view of the mountains in the background. Or you can have your wedding in the middle of a light forest, which will create a nice ambiance for you and your guests. If you really want to be bold, you can even have your wedding out on the beach – although there is typically not as much greenery in this sort of location, you still can feel the presence of nature all around you, listening to the waves crash against the shore and the salty air constantly blowing by you.

Once you have the venue decided, you next need to worry about the date on which you will have your wedding, with a particular focus on what the weather will be like. Unlike indoor weddings, the weather will make or break your wedding, for obvious reasons. If there is any chance of your venue being rained out, then you need to either change the date to one that has almost a 100% certainty of no rain, or to have a good backup plan in place (i.e. a suitable alternative venue that is available if necessary).

Once those two steps are taken care of, the rest is not all that different from planning your typical indoor wedding. With an outdoor wedding, your decorations can be a lot more liberal, including incorporating real flowers along the aisle or at the altar. However, the one challenge with outdoor weddings is that there are no outer walls that you can decorate, meaning you need to focus all of your decorating attention on other things. But don’t worry too much about that because instead of having decorated walls to look at, you’ll have a beautiful landscape framing your entire ceremony, which is a lot better in our humble opinion.

Although there are definite challenges when it comes to having an outdoor wedding instead of an indoor one, the benefits are very evident, primarily in the sheer beauty of the ceremony that can only be created through the incorporation of nature. So for those couples who decide to take this approach for their special day, there is no doubt that the end result will be a truly stunning and memorable event.