How to Keep Your Flowers Fresh for as Long as Possible

You would be pretty hard-pressed as a woman to not be excited when a loved one gives you a beautiful bouquet of flowers. However, one problem that all women face is that the flowers never last as long as you would like. Now we certainly don’t expect them to last forever but having them last a few extra days can make a huge difference by giving us those few extra days to truly appreciate their beauty. Here we will discuss the various ways to keep your bouquet of flowers looking fresh and beautiful for as long as possible.

Before we get any further though, keep in mind that not all flowers last the same amount of time. So just because one type of flower seems to last a long time, there is no guarantee that another type of flower lasts even half that time. For example, tulips are known not to last as long as other common flowers, so while you can still expect them to last a bit longer with these methods, the total amount of time that they do ultimately last is still limited by the type of flower that it is. Now on to the actual tips!

The first thing to remember is to always keep your flowers hydrated. And while this may seem like an obvious tip, there are plenty of people who do not keep their flowers properly hydrated after the first few days. In many cases, the vases that hold the flowers may have no water left, but no one notices this fact, causing the flowers to start dying a lot faster until someone does finally notice that they need more water. If you aren’t sure how long your water will last for your flowers, make it a habit to check the vase each day, and replace the water as necessary. In addition, always make sure to replace the water after a few days, even if there is still water present, as fresh water is much better for the flowers overall. And if you want to try and “enhance” you water even more, here are a few things you can try adding to your flowers’ water.

Another way to improve the longevity of your flowers is to cut the stems off at an angle. This actually helps the flowers draw in water more efficiently, compared to most flowers which have stems with flat bottoms.

In terms of the environment surrounding your flowers, do your best to keep them out of direct sunlight. While you might think that flowers are made to grown in the sun, that is only true when they are still connected to the ground. Leaving cut flowers in the sun will only accelerate their decay. In addition, do your best to keep them in a cool room, and away from open windows, as these too will kill your flowers faster.

While no one likes flowers that go bad too fast, there are definitely ways to slow down that process and keep your flowers looking fresh for longer, as this article has shown. So the next time you receive beautiful flowers from someone, be sure to follow these tips and watch them last longer than ever before!